How to come

FTANONTAS Potamia There is only one way to reach Thassos and this is done by boat. The port of Skala Prinos served by Kavala, the journey takes about 1 hour 30 min, and has about 5 imerisios routes during the summer. AIR Thassos does not have its own ... Continue reading

Prinos Thassos

Prinos is one of the largest villages of Thassos. Located in the northwestern part of and spaced from the port 16 km. Its location is very important as it is in the middle of Port path- Limenaria. There is also the health center of the island. Its residents(1800 about), except from... Continue reading


Nisi covered in green, surrounded by dreamlike beaches and tied to tradition. Will captivate you with its charm. Thassos, the island of the Sirens, the options are many as the colors. The blue sea, the green of the pines, the golden sand, blue sky ... Continue reading